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First of all welcome to Bali Dewa Tour and I would like to say thank you for your attention and trust. My name is Dewa. I have been driving for more than 9 years. I was tasked to ensure your satisfaction in enjoying your Bali Tour. I hope you will allow me to make your visit as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

“Bali” – The island of Gods, is one of the world’s top famous travel destinations for people who want to explore the real beauty of Mother Nature and enjoy serene atmosphere. Its sandy beaches and coastlines are the major attractions that contribute to its popularity. This destination has a lot in store for everyone who comes here to spend quality time with either their loved ones or family. Its magnificent sceneries have led countless people to consider this place for a joyful and entertaining trip.

What We Offer

Bali Dewa Tour offer you Bali private tour, Bali Tour Package, Bali private driver, privacy and a uniquely individual experience and, as our Bali private drivers are all experienced in Bali tour guides, they understand and know Bali in its entirety. They thrive on their work as a Bali private driver and a guide for tourists. We would like you to experience the wonders of some of the best places on the island of Bali Tour, whether they be in mainstream Bali or in some of the most remote and hidden places on the island.

Well, those who are still thinking about choosing this location for their trip are advised not to give a second thought as they have visited one of the best website that provides amazing Bali Tour Services to every visitor. We are here to let you experience the best trip of your life by offering:

  • Bali Half Day Tours
  • Bali Day Tour
  • Bali Combination Tour
  • Bali Adventures
  • Bali Water Sport

Not only this, we also save your time and efforts by arranging airport transfers, shopping trips, cultural tours at some of the best surfing spots of this Island. We want you to lose yourself in the magical landscapes of hills and mountains where you can feel deep spiritual and ultimate culture that resembles the real paradise.

Who We Are

Now, let me give a brief introduction of my journey with this Island. My name is Dewa and I have been a native to this place from the past 9 years. If you will ask me what I have been doing these years at this amazing location, my proud answer is a tour guide who drives all-round to Bali to ensure that the visitors can enjoy to their fullest at this unique location.

I drove them to all the beauty spots and entertainment hubs so that they don’t miss any adventure. To make it quite easy for you people to choose I have categorized my services with private tours, tour packages, private driver services that can help you to maintain your privacy and give an ultimate individual experience.

Moreover, I feel immensely pleasurable by offering you a team that knows best about this island that makes each member a perfect driver as well as guide for the tourists. So, whether you dream of surfing wild breaches, hangout at great resorts or explore the hidden places, we are always there with you.

I am sure that you will have a really great time with our ultimate tour services.

We Invite you to choose our Bali Day Tours Services Programs

Bali Full Day Tour


Bali Full Day Tour is a Bali Day Tours Services experience in Bali island to visit places of interest with private car, enjoy the full day tour around 8 to 11 hours during your holiday in the island of paradise. our amazing Bali Tours Driver are friendly will guiding you to visit the beautiful places of tourist destinations.

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Bali Half Day Tour

Bali Half Day Tours is a Bali Day Tours Services experience to see Bali with unique cultures and places of interest in our Bali Tour Package, enjoy the Bali Tours around 4 to 5 hours during your holiday in Bali. Our professional Bali Tour Driver are friendly guiding you to visit the beautiful panorama of tourist sites.

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Bali Water Sports

Feel the experience of diving, parasailing, snorkeling, water skiing, banana boat, flying fish, visit turtle island, glass bottom boat and etc.

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Bali Adventure Tours


Bali AdventureTours package is very necessary to try because you will not get in other parts of the world. Bali Adventure Tours is a long established Bali tours operator with world class activities ranging from Bali.

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Bali Combination Tour

bali-dewa-tour-rafting01 Bali Dewa Tour present you Bali Combination Tours Package that we purposely designed for those who like unique tour packages. Enjoy the many attractionsthat will make your vacation more special in bali.

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